MLGPoliwhirl's note: There was a SHITLOAD of WIPs before the site dampening, so the only WIPs on here are my main ones.

Street Fighter III: Third Strike-style Dan Hibiki

A Street Fighter III: Third Strike-style version of the anti-Kyokugen master using sprites from Carlos_Killar & Pain228's edit of DG's Sean that makes him into a badly-made version of Dan Hibiki.

Dr. Mario

Since there are no good ones made for MUGEN. Uses an edited version of the DC vs. Marvel template by Scruffydragon with various Capcom/SNK elements.

KOF Hon-Fu

A KOF-style version of Hon-Fu from the Real Bout Fatal Fury series.


A Vinnie Gill edit that is basically the follow-up to NMOrge.